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Max Clifford

Max Clifford

Born: 6th April 1943

Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England

  • Leaving school at 15 with no qualifications, and after being sacked within four months of his first job at Ely's department store in Wimbledon, his brother Bernard used his print union connections to gain Clifford a job as editorial assistant on the Eagle comic. When the publication moved premises, Clifford took redundancy and bought his first house and gained work with the South London Press Company to train as a journalist.

  • After working in newspapers for a few years, writing an occasional record/music column and running a disco, Clifford replied to an advertisement and joined as the second member of the EMI press office in 1962,[3] under Chief Press Officer Syd Gillingham. As the youngest and the only trained journalist in a team of four, Clifford claims he was given the job of promoting an unknown and unwanted group called The Beatles early in their career, including of their first tour of the United States.

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Pixar case study

How did Pixar begin?

Pixar was founded as the Graphics Group, one third of the computer division of Lucas film. It was launched in 1979 with the hiring of Dr. Ed Catmull.

Who owns Pixar?

Disney is the current owner of Pixar when they bought it for $7.4 billion.

Who is in charge of Pixar
John Lasseter is in charge of Pixar studios and Disney Animation Studios.
Toy story’s budget: $30,000,000
Total income from film: $361,996,233.
Profit: $331,996,233

Finding Nemo’s budget: $94,000,000
Total income from film: $866,562,978
Profit: $792,562,978

 The Incredibles budget: $92,000,000
Total income from film: $635,564,642
Profit: $543,564,642

A parent company is a holding company is a company or firm that owns other companies' outstanding stock.

Pixar’s parent company is Disney. They were from the Disney animation studios.

Pixar are not a parent company of any company. 



 We were tasked to make a 30 second television advert to appeal to a teenage audience. The target audience for the television advert is for sports lovers. The other media products they would use are sports magazines and newspapers like The Sun or The Daily Star. From the market research I did found that people who read the sports magazines and drink sports drinks usually play a kind of sports. I looked at the type of people who the drink the different kinds of sports drink. I found that younger people drink sports drinks that are bright and colorful and with modern shapes. Using this research I could use my research to make the advert appeal to the target audience. The advert has to be appealing to young people by making it fun and using famous sportsmen and woman. In the advert I will have an England player getting ready to take a penalty. Due to the fact that young people will recognize famous footballers and they look up to them. If teenagers see those sportsmen in the advert it shows that the product is even good enough for them. The genre of the advert would a sports film. The other types of adverts that would be the same genre would be Nike adverts. The similar types of media would be sports magazines and newspapers.

In the research of the product had to cover all aspects of the product. For example, researched in depth the target audience. The target audience is teenagers so I researched what type of adverts appeal to them, what sports drinks they drink and what type of sports they may play. Using this I can make the advert appeal to the target audience. To gather this information I used a questionnaire that helped me understand what type of sports drink young people use for sports. Sometimes questions on the questionnaire may not give the information I am looking for. So I would have to change the question so I could find out the information I’m looking for.

                                  To see different types of adverts go to: